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The Garden of Eden in Barcelona is, first of all, the meeting of a very passionate French couple (Véronique and René), who have lived in Spain for 15 years.
Secondly, it is the result of knowledge acquired over many years of experience in the national and international liberal world.
Durante los últimos 10 años hemos creado 4 locales : El Jardín del Edén en Alicante,
El Jardín del Edén Chillout in Murcia, El Paladium Swingers in Valencia and El Jardín del Edén in Barcelona.



We have transferred the 3 premises to new owners to concentrate on a single adventure, that of Barcelona.
In this new place, where respect and discretion prevail, we put into practice, for your enjoyment, all our energy and enthusiasm to make it an exclusive place where you can give free rein to your erotic fantasies and your many desires.
In addition to impressive decoration details, with 900 m2 of interior areas and more than 700 m2 of chill-out exteriors, there is a restaurant service at certain times of the year.








Today, sex and pornography are exposed to everyone’s eyes.

We have lost the true meaning of debauchery and its magic, as it has been democratized.

EL JARDIN DEL EDEN BARCELONA is committed to reviving the libertine culture, the original.

Our place is reserved for beings sensitive toELEGANCE , the defenders of EROTIC FREEDOM .

To the “addicts” of FANTASY and PARTY in a beautiful setting where there is SEDUCTION .

Live a CREATIVE sexuality, among FREE adults who share the same philosophy, above all PLEASURE and DESIRE .



At the JARDÍN DEL EDEN BARCELONA, we love magic: FEMALE women, ATTRACTIVE men.

It is also a meeting point for SEDUCERS ready to CHARM ..

A few tips: at JARDÍN DEL EDEN we don’t like shoes or sportswear, high necks… in short, dressing with class and GOOD TASTE are prerequisites for seduction.

If you want to participate in our MAGIC, seduce us!!

The management reserves the right of entry.


For a few nights of pleasure we advise you to follow some RULES:

Key words and phrases: Discretion, Respect.

No one forces anyone to do anything. Total respect for women. No vulgarity.

In order to protect your privacy, mobile phones or any device that allows you to record or take photos are totally prohibited inside the premises.

Behavior must be “impeccable”. The consumption of any kind of narcotic is strictly prohibited.

Bags are not allowed inside the premises, they have to be left in your locker.

For people new to this world:

Whether or not you are new to this world, we invite you to open up to the festive and light atmosphere conducive to meeting.

They will be respected in your wishes and limits. The layout of the space is such that they evolve into the bar, the lounges, the very private booths, according to your fantasies.

His only concern: letting himself be carried away by the magnificent symphony of his emotions.

In all freedom, in a healthy environment.

The JARDÍN DEL EDEN BARCELONA invites you to a lucid and captivating journey in the heart of voluptuousness and the pleasure of the senses .

Here a woman will feel like a woman, BEAUTIFUL because to practice licentiousness in the GARDEN OF EDEN is to LOVE WOMEN .

We wait for you!